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About the School of Rock and Jazz

Here's a breakdown of everything included when you enroll at The Practice Pad:


A once-weekly private lesson.

Students can either sign up for 30-minute or 60-minute lessons.

Get personalized instruction from a professional musician that is patient, fun, and tailored to help you achieve your musical goals as quickly as possible.

Experiment with any other instrument The Practice Pad has on site.  Students are welcome to learn multiple instruments at a time.

Chat with your teacher during the week and get the help you need when you're not in class.


An open invitation to Saturday clubs and group classes.

Drum circles, songwriting clubs, music theory lectures, and more are offered on Saturdays at The Pad.

Classes take place between 10am-3pm and you may attend as many as you like.

Meet new friends, learn new skills, and just have fun playing music!


Join a band and perform live.

Once you're ready, you will be encouraged to join a student band.

Students choose their own band name, pick their own material with the guidance of their teacher, and have a 1-hour rehearsal each week.


Perform at different events around the community, like Fortuna First Fridays, the Fortuna Rodeo parade, and the Apple Harvest Festival.

All of this is included in your monthly tuition.  The rates for enrollment are:

30-minute lesson tuition: $100/mo

60-minute lesson tuition: $175/mo

Month-to-month, no contracts.

Call us at 707-682-6007 to enroll!

Not sure yet?  Book a 30-minute trial lesson for $40. 

No commitment.

Breaks and Closures

We will be closed for 1 week during Spring Break, 1 week during Thanksgiving break, and 2 weeks during Christmas Break (following the local schools' calendar).  These closures have been calculated into your monthly tuition, and you will still receive 48 lessons per year, or an average of 4 per month, even though some months will have 5 lessons and some will have 3.

We are not closed for federal holidays that are observed on Monday or Friday, such as Labor Day or Memorial Day.  Lessons will go ahead to avoid disadvantaging students scheduled on those days.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

Lessons may be rescheduled if there is an opening during the same week, but this is not guaranteed.  Tuition may be paused for up to a month if a student will be unable to attend lessons for an extended period of time.  It is the student's responsibility to attend their scheduled lesson times, and The Practice Pad reserves the right to cancel enrollment if a student habitually misses their scheduled time.

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